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  • loading..."Reunion" LondonRoyal Festival Hall 6 May 2005The event of the Century!
  • Van der Graaf at the Roundhouse London Newly Discovered - The First VdG Concert!2 CDRs
  • The Killer Lives"Genova" 1972Another New Discovery
  • loading..."Newcastle '76" Newcastle City Hall 13.11.1976Fantastic Performance and great sound. Possibly the best 1976! Newly rediscovered
  • Manchester UMIST 6.5.1976 , Newly rediscovered! 2 CDRs
  • Birmingham 10.10.1975, Newly rediscovered! 2 CDRs
  • Sarzana Aug 1975. Great performance and pretty good sound. Editing a bit strange!
    2 CDRs

  • Verona 72 06.03.1972. Completely Absolutely Wonderful Performance!!!!!!!....(shame about the sound!)
  • Manchester Opera House 2 Nov 1975 Stunningly Excellent!! Brilliant sound and red hot playing. (2CD)
  • Wonderland 8.5.1976 The complete concert (2CD)
  • Paris Sall Wagrame 30 May 1975. (2CD) Good Sound
  • In The End VdGG Reims, France 08.12.1976.The Final Recorded Concert. Concludes with an awesome Darkness
  • Day Dawns Dark VdGG Early (5/5/69 and 2/8/70) BBC Sessions and Eyewitnees Sudden Terror Soundtrack (nicely edited)
  • "Liverpool 75" 5/10/1975. The Weirdest VdGG Concert on Record! A lot of improvisation and very little singing. Only non-finale Urban
  • Maelstrom Firenze 14/2/1972 with improved sound
  • Electric Breath VdGG Lost Live Tapes plus Verona 6/3/72
  • Live at the Black Bottom of the Sea Basel 6/5/72 Complete on 1 cd
  • Chameleons The "Secret" Bologna 28/5/73 gig
  • Regeneration First Victoria reformed concert. 27/7/75 Superior sound, and includes bith encores (2CD)
  • More Heavens Gained Complete second Victoria concert, Including encore. 30/8/75 (2CD)
  • Black Ice The legendary Imperial College 14/10/75 gig (2CD)
  • Real World Record Complete world record live from Utrect 24/9/1976
  • Childhoods End Best of Roundhouse 19/4/1976
  • New York 1976 18/10/76 Complete, good sound, great concert (2CD)
  • Paris 6/12/1976 Great Performance, carefully reconstructed sound (2CD)
  • Oslo 1977 9/3/77 VdG fourpiece secong gig. Plenty of edge (2CD)
  • "Rome 72" Piper Club 9.2.1972. Great performance!
  • Power On Complete VdGG rarities. Includes Epidemic remix!
  • Every Valve Blown Open Complete high quality VdGG Radio Sessions. (Low quality to follow?)
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